New species of carnivore from Northwest South America

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Festival Colombiano and Apaporis

Some photos from this years installment of Colombian delights. This year Maca and Eugenio got roped in to talk about their research. Eugenio described the cloud forests that can contain as many as 2000 species in a five kilometre radius around certain points of the Andes mountains. He also described the grasslands of the llanos.


Maca talked of the sky islands of the Páramo where 3000 species have diversified in small areas of the high Andes with unparalleled rates of evolution. IMG_5471

Ann talked of the indigenous culture. Eighty different tribes are found within Colombia’s borders.


Khantara provided the music. Songs from different regions of Colombia.


Photo: Hon W Yau.

Ximena danced…


The crowd participated in our human chagra recreation. The creation of the Amazonian indigenous garden involves forest clearing, planting, harvesting and eventually replacement of cultivated plants by those from the original forest so that the area returns to its original state.


Maca and Maria looked after the Páramo mural


Lorna ( was busy helping to make jewellery…


…and later 120 people enjoyed the European premier of Apaporis in RBGE’s new lecture theatre introduced by Director Antonio Dorado and Maca.


All photos Suzanne Harris except otherwise indicated.

The Wickerman Festival

On the 26th and 27th of July we attended The Wickerman Festival in the second of our tours of Scottish rock festivals. The message was the same as for our earlier visit to Rockness, to divulge information on the environmental and social consequences of illicit coca cultivation in Colombia and to discuss our research there. The event benefited again from the assistance of Talking Science’s Simon Duffy. We distributed 1000 leaflets with key facts related to the environmental impact of coca cultivation and we gave out free coffee and samples of arequipe and bocadillo to festival goers. Our message was therefore made available to the 18,000 people that attended the festival.


Photo: Suzanne Harris

We aim to continue our efforts to reach key target audiences that will help to reduce the demand for products whose production results in biodiversity loss.

964105_661774050517266_145620281_o  Photo: Louise Logan

This work was the result of a team of student and RBGE volunteers including Suzanne Harris, Ariana Harris, Eva Harris, Eugenio Valderrama, Javier Luna, James Neville and Mandy Mills. These individuals gave their time freely and worked extremely hard to deliver this event. We thank all of them for their efforts. We were kind of busy so we did not manage to see many of the acts on show but we did see the simply awesome…….


…..Chic. Yowsa yowsa yowsa!!!!!

Chic were photographed and enjoyed by Eugenio Valderrama.

…..and Anthar Kharana (ably assisted by Suzanne) was with us again providing music tent side. Anthar’s continued support is vital to our attempts to bring science and culture together. Special thanks go out to him.


Photo: Louise Logan.