Cabarets and Festivals

On Saturday the 2nd of August representatives of the rbgeColombia team participated in the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at the Stand in the Square as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The discussion based event was attended by 60 people who were witness to an historical account, facts and opinions related to the social and environmental consequences of illicit coca cultivation. The debate was interactive with the audience asking many pertinent questions that helped inform the discussion.


The panel, that included some of our students Eugenio, Julieth and Mafe and Ann Simpson from the University of Strathclyde, spoke passionately and knowledgeably on a subject that is a huge issue in Colombia.


This was a new venture for us and we hope we can continue to run similar events in the future. We thank the wonderful Beltane Public Engagement Network for inviting us and for their organization of the event and Susan Morrison for compering.


The following day it was time for Festival Colombiano. Our usual eclectic mix of music (with Anthar and Suzanne), dance (with Ximena and Andrea), jewellery making (with Lorna from Tagua Designs) and science talks (Maca and Karina) was augmented by face painting, chocolate and yucca workstations, the Paramo mural, Colombian coffee supplied by Grumpy Mule and a live video link up with an indigenous elder from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.




First three photos by Silje Graffer, last two by Suzanne Harris.