Tony Conrad at Inverleith House

In the gallery at Inverleith House RBGE is privileged to have an internationally recognized centre for arts within our grounds in a space that hosts a continuous programme of temporary exhibitions by invited artists. The most recent exhibition is by Tony Conrad, an artist, composer, musician, filmmaker and performer working with drone-based minimal music and avant-garde film for almost five decades. Conrad was a key contributor to the experimental music group The Theatre of Eternal Music (also known as The Dream Syndicate) alongside La Monte Young, Angus MacLise, Marion Zazeela and John Cale (a founding member of the Velvet Underground). The exhibition explores Conrad’s contribution to improvised music with a comprehensive presentation of his invented acoustical tools made from everyday materials and adapted instruments.


Tony Conrad was in attendance on Sunday 9 November from 12-3 pm to perform with the instruments. It turned out to be much more than just a performance but also a discussion on sound production throughout the course of human history. Another fantastic example of how Inverleith House adds to the vibrancy and rich experience that RBGE offers. The exhibition runs from 25 October to 18 January (2015).



Orchid Festival at Bogota Botanic Garden

The National Orchid Exhibition and Meeting is aimed at promoting scientific research, conservation and use of these plants. In Colombia there are more than 4000 species of which over 1500 are endemic. The Botanic Garden has designed a program for all audiences, with more than 60 cultural and academic activities.
The exhibition takes place from the 31st of October to the 4th of November. Visit for more information.