Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth. Practically every kind of ecosystem can be found within its borders. rbgeColombia aims to study the biogeography, evolution and conservation of Colombian biomes whilst running an outreach programme promoting its research.

This is being conducted in nearly all of Colombian biomes including Páramo, cloud forest, dry forests and lowland rain forests.

Páramo harbors about 3700 species (approx. 90% of which are endemic) and are the water towers of Colombia providing this resource for the major cities of the Andes.


Lowland Rain Forest is a highly productive biome, characterized by evergreen vegetation, adapted to low fluctuations in temperature and high precipitation (e.g. Amazonia and Chocó).


Dry Forest is the most threatened tropical ecosystem. It is found on fertile soils where agricultural activities have ravaged the landscape.

Cloud Forest is montane moist vegetation characterized by persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover.


With our public engagement activities we work to encourage environmentally sustainable and social thinking to address the complexity of the Colombian situation.

We use science communication, visual and dramatic arts, and indigenous traditional knowledge to inform, persuade and empower.




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