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In the wet forest….“I can only add raptures to the former raptures . . .
each new valley is more beautiful than the last. It is not possible to give an
adequate idea of the high feeling of wonder, admiration and devotion which
fill the mind” (Darwin, 1839).


I am currently a PhD Student at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh/University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on the origins and biogeography of Neotropical lowland rain forests. For this, I aim to explore phylogenetic, spatial, and ecological patterns in the evolutionary history of the plant family Sapotaceae.

At the moment, I am also actively involved in the rbgeColombia‘s public engagement program. I have taken part in several activities like the Festival Colombiano, Expedition Botanics, and the discussion based event “Cocaine: between white lines”, among others.

I hold a MSc in Plant Diversity (University of Reading, United Kingdom. 2011)  and have extensive experience in documenting biodiversity in Colombia.

In the past, I also developed environmental impact assessment projects, and worked directly with local communities aiming to the sustainable use of forest resources in my country. My work was based in areas under high human pressure, mainly caused by changes in cover land due to the expansion of illegal crops, oil and mining projects and the overexploitation of timber.

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